Got a question?Massage FAQ's

How can a massage help me?
Massage can help with many different types of injury, speeding up recovery time and getting you back into the game quickly. It can also help your body improve its circulation, soothe your muscles and make you feel more relaxed. Massage may also help to reduce headaches and improve mental and emotional wellness too.

When is the perfect time for a massage?
There is no perfect time, however we suggest that you should relax and avoid exercise after the treatment to achieve the best results.

How often should I have a massage?
Some clients like to book in when they have injuries to help with recovery, other clients like to have a regular treatment to help maintain relaxed and flexible muscles and joints which in turn help to reduce onset of future stiffness, pain and injuries.

What types of massage do you offer?
We offer sports massage – which is also referred to as deep-tissue massage, Swedish massage – also referred to as therapeutic massage, and Indian Head Massage. To find out more, take a look at our Massage Types page.

Why do you have to ask about my medical history?
This is important to prevent us from treating someone who may have a health condition that massage could be either dangerous or ineffective for.

Is it safe to have a massage if I think I’m pregnant?
It is safe for you to have a massage, however we do not have therapists specifically trained in this so we would refer you to another therapist.

I have an existing skin condition. Can I still get a massage?
Our medical questionnaire is designed to identify illnesses and health issues. On completion of this we can advise specifically for your individual case.

What oils do you use?
We have a range of oils with different scents which you can choose from. We don’t use oils that have nuts in the ingredients to avoid peanut allergic reactions. If you have an oil or cream you know that suits your specific skin we would be happy to use that if you bring it along with you.

I don’t feel comfortable undressing. Can I still get a massage?
We want to make sure you feel comfortable while receiving your treatment. We will give you advice on how we can provide the best treatment possible. Our therapists will leave the room while you prepare for your treatment and provide towels to ensure you’re covered and comfortable.

Do I have to have a full body massage?
Not at all. We will provide a full body massage or massage for specific areas depending on your preference and where treatment is required.

Can I drive immediately after a massage?
You should feel relaxed and comfortable post treatment, we dont advise people not to drive, we only suggest that people try to relax and reduce activity in order to gain maximum benefits.

Do you have appointments on an evening and weekend?
Yes we do. Please contact us to arrange an appointment that’s at a convenient time for you. We can offer custom appointments that include daytime, evenings, early mornings or weekends.

Do you have wheelchair access?
We have wheelchair access to the reception area, however the client will have to be out of the wheelchair to access the treatment room.

Do you have onsite parking?
We have free parking to the front and the rear of the facility for all our customers.

I don’t have a car, where is your nearest bus stop?
The nearest local bus stop is a 5 minute walk away.

How do I pay for my treatment?
Payment is normally requested before you attend your appointment by bank transfer. Please ask if you would prefer to pay using a different method.

Do you have special offers?
We do. Please see our Special Offers page for the latest deals.

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